Privacy policy

Dear Guests! Dear dbDiffo Users!

Contenet Kft. respects and protects you privacy. Please let us explain how Contenet Kft. (Manager: Szabó Zénó László, Address: 1068 Budapest, Benczúr utca 8., Business registration: 01-09-892880, Tax ID: 14188309-2-42) stores and uses your personal information. Please read this document carefully. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us:

How do we obtain your personal information?

Your personal information is obtained (collected) when you call us, send us a fax, write an email, send us a letter, visit our website, or create an account on our website.
Faxes and letters are always stored in separate dossiers based on their contents at the head office of Contenet Kft.
Inquiries made by phone are never stored.
Electronic communications are recorded by our computer systems.
The following section details how data is collected and managed on our website.

Data collection and management on our website

For security reasons, our website provider logs all browsing activity on the website, thus storing your IP address, the type of browser and operating system used, the URL(s) of the page(s) viewed, and the time of the viewing. (Since IP addresses can be used for identification, it is considered personal information.)
Contenet Kft. does not use the logged information for any purpose whatsoever or share them with any third parties, with one principal exception: should the website be attacked, we will share the logs with our internet service provider and the relevant investigative authorities to help identifying the attacker. That means providing the investigative authorities with our website’s logs, including your personal information.
The dbDiffo web application uses cookies to identifiy sessions. The application cannot operate properly without cookies.
When used, dbDiffo stores the following personal information: email address, last name, first name, title, and one password. This information is used to identify you, and allows us to call you by your name in our email communications.
Contenet Kft. also uses these personal information for the MakeLoveNotCode web application (, so you don’t have to register twice. (dbDiffo integrates with MakeLoveNotCode.) Contenet Kft. never shares your information with third parties.
If you are a registered user, dbDiffo can store your model files if you have saved those to the server via the application.
dbDiffo collects anonimous data on the SQL scripts generated, for statistical purposes only. Such data cannot be used for identification after the session has ended. dbDiffo collects and stores the following data anonymously: type of database manager system; type of generated script; time of script generation; session’s unique ID (helps determine what type of scripts were generated in succession during a session).

Our servide provider’s information

Name: Tárhely.Eu Szolgáltató Kft.
Address: 1144 Budapest, Ormánság utca 4. X. em. 241.
Business registration: 01-09-909968
Tax ID: 14571332-2-42

Collecting and storing data of minors (under 18 years of age) or incapacitated adults

Minors and incapacitated adults require their legal guardian to sign them up at Their personal information are otherwise collected and managed as described in the previous section.

Your rights

When laws and regulations permit, you can request your information to be changed, corrected, or deleted, or contact us via the email provided above, and we will gladly explain how your personal information is used and processed.
If requested, we provide a digital copy of your personal information stored by Contenet Kft. to you or a third party you specify. (Please note that such requests may take up to 10 business days to fulfill.)
If you believe that the process of managing or using of your information violated your individual rights, please let us know so we can resolve the issue. You can also contact Nemzeti Adatvédelmi és Információszabadság Hatóság (National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information) or appeal to the court of law with territorial jurisdiction over your place of residence or stay.

Additional information